Pittsburgh Newborn Photography: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions: Pittsburgh, PA Newborn Photography

  • Why schedule a newborn session?

    • Newborn photography sessions are truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture the tiny details of your beautiful new baby. Little ones grow so quickly and change each and every day. When I look at my own two children, it’s hard to remember them being as small as the babies I have the opportunity to photograph. I still love looking at their newborn photos and being reminded of their long eyelashes, dark spiky hair, pouty lips and unimaginably small fingers and toes. It’s such a small window right after birth before they start to change!
  • When should I book? 

    • The best time to book your newborn session is during your second trimester or earlier. Certain months tend to fill very quickly and I only take on a limited number of sessions per month. This is done to ensure that I can offer new parents several different options for their session to fit their family’s schedule. A $100 retainer is required to secure a ‘spot’ and is then applied to your package of choice.
  • How are sessions scheduled?

    • This one can seem a bit odd, but, I promise, there is a method to my madness! While your $100 retainer guarantees a spot for you, I don’t actually set a date for your session until after your baby arrives. So many factors can come into play with newborns that I don’t want to add unnecessary stress for parents if baby arrives early or late, needs a bit of a stay in the hospital, or if mom is simply not feeling up to leaving the house immediately. The last thing you want to think about at that point is rescheduling your baby’s newborn photo session! So, with that in mind, I ask that, once your baby arrives, a parent reaches out to me and we set a date within the first 5-21 days after birth.If you have a little boy and opt to have him circumcised, I generally will wait about 5 days after the procedure is done to ensure comfort.
  • Why the first 5-21 days? That’s just crazy to expect people to leave so soon!

    • The last sentence was added for laughs…and because I’m sure quite a few new parents feel that way! During those first 3 weeks after birth, babies retain the ‘curliness’ from their time in the womb. They have not yet discovered the fine art of stretching and are most comfortable and content when in a curly, squishy position. This suits posed newborn photography perfectly as that adorable ‘squishiness’ is exactly what we are after! Additionally, in those early days, your baby is still quite sleepy and can be moved into those adorable poses without being disturbed very much at all.
  • Is my baby safe and can I request certain poses? 

    • In every session, your newborn’s safety and comfort are my primary concern. I want every client to have gorgeous newborn photos to cherish; however, certain babies prefer some poses more than others. For this reason, I will make an attempt to honor requests for specific poses; however, due to different temperaments, and different levels of comfort with each baby, some poses may not be feasible.
  • Are babies comfortable in those curly poses???

    • This is one that I get asked quite frequently since, as adults, we generally aren’t the most flexible bunch! However, I always invite new parents to think about where their little one just spent the past 9 months of their life. Their ‘home’ was a pretty cramped place! Babies are comforted by what they know, and if you have had an ultrasound where you got to witness your little one, you probably noticed that their tiny feet were up by their face and everything was very curled in. It feels quite unnatural for a baby to be stretched out like an adult would sleep, and usually invokes that startle reflect (or ‘spirit fingers!’). Also, another key thing I point out is the most simple….they sleep right through it! Your little one will let me know if they are unhappy and I will work quickly to soothe them and figure out a way to make them calm and comfortable.
  • Do you offer in-home sessions?

    • At this time I do not. Those who have been to my studio know that I have A LOT of ‘stuff’. I love having access to everything to deliver a wide variety of photographs to clients in their final gallery.
  • What do parents do during sessions?

    • RELAX!! From the moment you arrive, I take over. I invite parents to relax, catch up on social media, watch tv, or even take a nap (plenty of parents take this option and I can’t blame them!!). I will take your baby from their carseat (I do this to ensure control of their little hands so we don’t get to see those spirit fingers firsthand!) and will get right to work. When your baby needs fed, I will hand them back over, or if bottle fed, I’m always happy to help out as well! Most parents love watching their little one during the session as well.
  • Are the photos edited?

    • Editing and retouching a an instrumental part of newborn photography. Each photograph is meticulously edited to show your baby in the best possible light. I’ve seen flakey skin, scratches, bumps and every color cast available so please don’t be concerned about your baby’s skin. If there is something in particular you are worried about, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

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